The thrust of this intervention is to recue children/ youth from poverty and give them a new lease of life. This entails child education sponsorship programme from primary to secondary education. This programme is now extending to tertiary education.

The education sponsorship is available to children living under extreme poverty and whose parents or guardians cannot afford proper education for the children especially the girl child. When children are not availed the education opportunity, they become exposed and vulnerable to vices in the society.

Fortunes Dynamics Foundation believes in rescuing such children from poverty and giving them the right education, providing books, uniforms, shoes and tuition and in some situations support feeding and Medicare for the child. We seek to invest in them economically, socially and spiritually.

The children under the sponsorship programme attend annual summer and vacation programmes that improve their confidence and build their skills. They also attend bible clubs every two months where they receive counselling and those from abusive backgrounds are also given due attention.

This is organised by Fortunes Dynamics Foundation and partner organisations.


Internship training and placements. Bridging the gap between graduates (formal education) and the work place. Empowering graduates with the right values, training areas and work ethics that will make them employable. We then place them on an internship programme with a partner organisation for a minimum of 6 months so that they will be able to gain permanent employment after the 6-12months probation period.


Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition. Teaching young people how to become entrepreneurs and utilize their inner skills and abilities to generate revenue and become employers of labour. We also teach the right character and virtues that will make their dreams sustainable.


This intervention seeks to run orientation campaigns that focus on community and values that strengthen the community. When the community is fixed the vices in the society is cubed.


Under this category, we have our annual WIDOWS HOME MAKE OVER:

The programme provides displaced widows and their children with accommodation that will help protect and support their children. The widows are the careers of the children who are exposed, vulnerable and at risk. Hence this intervention seeks to protect at risk children by providing them with homes.


Under this platform, we also make over homes for selected poor families over Christmas.